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BgNeon is a one-stop shop for all of your Custom LED Neon Sign needs. We possess over a decade of expertise in the creation and production of customized merchandise.

We are your OEM partner; we offer design, prototyping, manufacturing, customizable packaging, and door-to-door delivery. Our foremost objective is to offer resolutions that align with your requirements.

Allow us to brighten your life with high-quality custom LED neon signs for your business, home, weddings, events, and more. We have LED Neon Signs that will add some zing to your area.

Your personalized neon sign will be eye-catching and unique; neon-ify a company logo, music lyrics, a child’s name, or even the shape of your dog! We’re making art more approachable by designing simple, stylish neon lights.

Choose from a range of colors and styles to personalize your LED neon sign design. There’s no reason not to increase the luminosity! Order now to bring a personal touch to your space. Your personalized LED neon sign will be delivered to your entrance in 1-2 weeks!

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    Custom Workflow – We Can OEM for You

    Designing original products gives you complete control over all aspects and allows you to unleash your creativity. Having the ability to choose every detail means there are endless possibilities when creating your new design!

    Follow our customization process now and start customizing your own LED neon signs!

    OEM Design Service

    Design Your Signs

    Provide your vector design and we will customize your neon sign according to your design. If there are any technical difficulties, our professional sales team will communicate with you and suggest modifications. Upon receiving your confirmation, we shall proceed to the subsequent phase.

    If the individual lacks a design, it is recommended to establish communication with our organization. At our disposal is a cohort of erudite professionals who have meticulously refined their expertise in the domain of design. As a result, they can adeptly fashion a bespoke design that is tailored to meet your unique and particular demands. Simple designs do not require any additional fees.

    Choose Font

    If your design does not include a font, you can skip this step.

    Clients are provided with a range of typographical options to peruse and make a selection from. In the event that they so desire, they also have the option to provide their own font. Once the desired font has been selected, our team shall utilize it to fabricate a custom neon sign for the client.

    Choose Font
    Choose Color

    Choose the Color

    We have 12 colors to choose from. If the desired hue is unavailable, kindly opt for a comparable shade in lieu.

    3 Style of Base Plate

    We provide three styles of base plates:

    • 1. Cut to Square
    • 2. Cut to Letter
    • 3. Cut to Shape
    Base Plate Style

    LED Neon Flex Sign

    Different Thickness of Acrylic to Obtain Different Flexible Signs

    We offer three thicknesses of acrylic boards: 3 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm. Different thicknesses of acrylic produce different flexible signs.

    • 1. 3 mm thick acrylic is a flexible board, and the neon signs produced can be bent
    • 2. 5mm and 6mm thick acrylic is a rigid board, making the neon signs unbendable

    LED Neon Light Strips

    BgNeon offers two different widths of LED neon light strips: 6mm * 12mm and 8mm * 16mm.

    The choice of LED strip width depends on the size of your neon sign. Larger signs use 8mm wide LED strips, while smaller signs use 6mm wide LED strips.

    Are you experiencing difficulty in selecting a suitable option? Don’t worry, our designers will provide you with professional advice.

    Two Different Sizes of Neon Strips
    • Outdoor Waterproof LED Neon Sign

    Waterproof Function

    We offer two different waterproof neon sign options. Waterproof neon signs are more expensive than non-waterproof ones. If you don’t need to use your sign outdoors, we recommend choosing a non-waterproof neon sign.


    Accessories include one lifting rope, several screws and advertising screws for installation, one transparent power cord, and optional accessories such as a dimmer, RGB controller, and a full-color controller.

    Note: Optional accessories require an additional fee.

    All of our LED Neon Sign's Accessories
    All of our LED Neon Sign's Plug


    We offer plugs that conform to various national standards, including the US, EU, UK, and AU.

    Kindly specify the particular type of plug that is required during the process of placing your order.

    Installation Method

    Two installation methods are available:

    • 1. Hanging Up
    • 2. Wall Mounted
    Installation Method

    Congratulations, you have completed the steps to customize your LED neon sign. Kindly inform our sales team of your selection, and they will furnish you with a quotation within a span of 24 hours.

    Custom LED Neon Signs – Add a Touch of Style and Personality to Your Space

    Custom LED Neon Signs for business – the perfect way to add some eye-catching visual appeal to your storefront or office space. These dynamic and visually appealing exhibits represent a superb strategy for capturing the interest of potential patrons and directing them to your retail space or establishment. Our signage is expertly crafted using top-tier materials and engineered for longevity, ensuring that your neon sign will provide enduring value for a considerable duration.

    Our bespoke neon signs are ideally suited for a plethora of enterprises, encompassing eateries, watering holes, emporiums, and beyond. Furthermore, they offer an exceptional means of infusing your business with a unique and personalized flair, thereby enabling it to distinguish itself from its competitors. With an extensive assortment of hues and patterns at your disposal, you are able to select a sign that harmonizes seamlessly with your brand and aesthetic.

    Our LED neon signs possess not only an aesthetic appeal but also an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly quality. These signs utilize LED technology, which boasts a power consumption rate lower than that of traditional neon lighting. This renders them a sustainable and cost-effective option.

    With our bespoke LED neon signage, a multitude of hues, font types, and designs are at your disposal to fashion a sign that impeccably embodies your brand and enterprise. Whether you aspire to showcase your business’s appellation, emblem, or memorable tagline, our customized LED neon signs have the potential to enable you to make a significant impact and differentiate yourself from the competition.

    Through the expertise of our skilled designer, the opportunity to fashion a personalized neon sign is made readily accessible to you, requiring only a few effortless steps. One simply needs to select the desired hues, pattern, and verbiage, and the remainder of the process will be competently handled by our team. Your sign will be professionally crafted and shipped to you ready to install.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add some bright and colorful personality to your business with our custom LED neon signs. Order yours today!

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      Why Choose Us

      Quanzhou BgNeon Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of LED neon signs in China. We are devoted to the creation, advancement, and manufacture of LED neon signage. Our merchandise exhibits superior caliber, cost-effectiveness, prompt delivery, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. We have no minimum order quantity and can produce a set for you.

      Professional Team

      Professional Team

      With over 10 years of experience in the LED neon sign industry, it’s no surprise that our entire team is highly skilled and talented. Learn more

      No MOQ

      No Minimum Order Quantity

      BgNeon is flexible in production and can meet your needs for ordering different quantities. We can even customize a set for you.

      Quality Control

      Strict Quality Control

      We have a strict quality control process to ensure that the neon signs delivered to our customers are flawless. Learn more


      Customization Capability

      Our professional designer offers you the best advice, making your sgn always the best for your market, it will give you a strong edge over your competitors. OEM & ODM orders are welcomed. Learn more

      Fast Lead Time

      Fast Lead Time

      Lead time is 2-3 working days, and we also provide comprehensive online technical support and customer service.

      On Time S&E Guarantee

      100% On-Time S&E Guarantee

      We guarantee 100% on-time delivery. So far, we have never had a case of late delivery.

      Factory Price

      Factory Direct Pricing

      We guarantee affordable prices and the highest quality among all manufacturers.


      100% ECO Friendly

      All of our LED neon signs are not harmful to the environment.


      1-Year Warranty

      Each product comes with an extraordinary 1-year warranty.

      Custom LED Neon Signs FAQs

      OEM, short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, signifies a business entity that fabricates commodities for clientele by adhering to the latter’s stipulated product schematics and architectural plans. Customers conduct market research, research, and develop their own products, and in order to quickly turn their research results into commercial products and capture market share, they choose to produce important components themselves and outsource the production of accessories to other companies.

      The abbreviated product life cycle not only results in cost reductions for product development but also facilitates prompt responses to market demands, thereby enabling companies to sustain a virtuous cycle.

      ODM, short for Original Design Manufacturer, is a company that designs, develops, and produces new products based on the future requirements and functions of customer-provided products. In most cases, the ODM company handles everything from design to production, and the customer sells the products under their own brand name in the market.

      In this case, the customer conducts market research and understands market demands, but they do not know how to design or have the manufacturing capabilities. They turn to ODM, a third-party company, to design and manufacture the actual products, which are ultimately sold by the customer. ODM companies generally offer outsourced product development, product manufacturing, and complete product lifecycle services based on their own capabilities.

      OEM is when customers provide product design schemes, and the products are tailored to the customer’s brand. After production, the customer sells the products under their own brand name. Capital and design are externalized, and the OEM model only includes production.

      ODM has design and development capabilities. ODM companies independently design, manufacture, and process products based on the needs and authorization of the brand. After the manufacturer designs the product, they transfer it to the brand for evaluation of its functionality and market acceptability. If the product satisfies the brand’s specified criteria, it is deemed suitable for the commencement of production. The customer obtains the copyright of the product and can sell it in the market.

      LED neon signs utilize the technology of LED (light-emitting diode) and neon gas to generate a visually striking and vibrant exhibition. In contrast to conventional neon signs that utilize neon gas-filled glass tubes, the LED neon signs are fashioned from supple, silicone-based tubes that contain a blend of neon gas and LED lights. This construction permits greater flexibility in design, in addition to prolonging the lifespan and enhancing the energy efficiency of the signs.

      The implementation of LED neon signage presents a viable solution that is both economically efficient and requires minimal upkeep, serving as a viable alternative to traditional neon signage. Additionally, it boasts energy efficiency and longevity, rendering it a pragmatic option for numerous commercial enterprises.

      Yes, one can indeed tailor the design of their LED neon sign to cater to their individual requirements. BgNeon, an LED neon signs company, offers a variety of customization alternatives such as diverse hues, dimensions, and configurations, as well as the capacity to integrate specific text or illustrations.

      LED neon signs are known for their long lifespan. A high-grade LED neon sign, by and large, boasts a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours of uninterrupted operation, which is tantamount to over 11 years. This renders them a cost-efficient and enduring lighting remedy for enterprises and other associations.

      Yes, LED neon signs are very energy-efficient. Because they are a more favorable option in terms of energy consumption when compared to the traditional neon signs. This is because they employ LED lights known for their low energy consumption, which results in substantial energy savings. Therefore, the utilization of LED neon signs presents a viable and sustainable alternative that is both economically advantageous and environmentally conscientious.

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