BgNeon Company Quality Control

Production Cycle in Compliance with ISO Standards

BgNeon has a professional production line that is closely monitored and operated by a highly skilled production team to maintain the highest quality standards.

  • We use high-quality raw materials to ensure our lights can run for 50,000+ hours.
  • Our efficient production cycle has been certified by ISO 9001.
  • Well-trained employees and cooperation among departments lead to a streamlined process.
  • All products undergo thorough testing with various tests.
BgNeon Company Quality Control Officer

Our Product Testing Protocols

We conduct four tests to produce our top-quality and reliable LED neon signs. These tests are listed below:

High-Temperature Test

Before production, we perform a high-temperature test on a sample of all batches of LED neon light strips. This test involves testing the product in a 50 ℃ environment for 2 hours. According to our strict quality protocol, batches with failures are removed.

Aging Test

After production, all assembly of our LED neon signs undergoes a 24-hour aging test to remove any burnt or damaged items. Our quality control team carefully inspects the final device’s color temperature and illumination level.

Waterproof Test

If you are ordering a waterproof neon sign, it is necessary to understand our waterproof test. We immerse outdoor waterproof neon signs in water for 24 hours to check their quality and sustainability. Our quality control team carefully eliminates all defective parts.

Drop Test

We conduct a drop test every month by dropping the packaged neon signs from a height of 2 meters, including front, back, side, and corner drops, to ensure that our packaging can protect your neon sign even during extremely harsh transportation.

Drop Test


Our company has over 10 years of experience in producing the best LED neon signs. These certifications demonstrate that we only offer quality products.

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